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Herbal & vibrational products to nourish your body, soul and spirit. Each product has been hand-made with love and a sprinkle of magic. The makers of products sold through Enhealthment Wholistics utilize ancient alchemy, modern science, intuitive insight, earth spirits and echos from far away worlds to create their products.


Products offered on this site are to be used with an open, seeking mind, and adventurous spirit. A sense of humour always comes in handy when seeking hidden solutions. All information and products on this site are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace qualified medical or spiritual advice. Enhealthment Wholistics, along with the product makers, distributors, and authors associated with this site assume no liability for unwise or unsafe usage of any product sold through this site.


Mushroom Essences

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Mushroom Essences

Mushroom essences are vibrational preparations produced, under lunar influence, from various parts of the fruiting bodies and/or mycelium. Like all manner of living beings they express energetic fields to those willing to observe, listen and feel.  

Mushroom essences may help bring conscious awareness to our shadow side. They represent ancient memory and past-life experience, helping shape our psyche and manner of functioning in the world. Mushroom essences help support us in understanding the mystery of mythologies, and the archetypal hero and heroines of our journey.

The mushroom essences were crafted by Robert Rogers RH (AHG) to accompany his book Mushroom Essences: Vibrational Healing from the Kingdom Fungi


How to use Mushroom Essences

  • Taking a single or combination of mushrooms essences for a full lunar cycle is indicated in most cases. 
  • The mushroom essences may be started at any phase of the lunar cycle. 
  • No more than three mushroom essences should be combined and taken together at one time.
  • Four drops of the mushroom essences are taken before bedtime for twenty-eight days
  • You can mix the four drops of mushroom essences in a small amount of water or take them straight from the bottle.
  • Learn more in the Mushroom Essences book by Robert Dale Rogers, Rh (AHG)

Quantum Solutions


Medieval alchemy was devoted to the creation of remedies using alchemical processes. These processes involved separating the three primal forms of the plant (mercury, salt and sulphur) through fermentation, distillation and fire (to produce ash.) The three forms are then recombined into a powerful and potent ‘Spagyric’.

Strongly influencing both body and spirit, use Spagyric tinctures with respect.

All Quantum Solution products are created in true alchemical fashion by Aurelius & Sophia Electrum.

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