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Based in Calgary, Canada we offer unique hand-made herbal products and custom formulas. 

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What is enhealthment?


If we can have ‘en-joy-ment’ and ‘en-courage-ment’ why not ‘en-health-ment’? 

When you decide to pay attention to your physical health, either out of a desire to live better or because a dis-ease has settled into your physical form you are engaging in enhealthment. 

If ‘enlightenment’ is what happens to us when we learn to pay attention to our spirit, then ‘enhealthment’ is what happens when we learn to pay attention to our physical. 

Enhealthment is a process that we can follow on our road to enlightenment. 

By enhealthing the physical, we are better able to communicate with our spirit. 

Anything that improves health, such as lifestyle choices, food choices, even thought choices, can be considered an enhealthment.

Enhealthment is what happens when you do something to improve or maintain your health. “Eating whole foods creates enhealthment.” 

Enhealthment is the feeling one gets when good health is being enjoyed or encouraged. “I get a lot of enhealthment from my daily workout.

Enhealthment is you embracing your best you!